Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July 29-30, 2017    Seattle Scottish Highland Games and 
FB Outlander Fanatics of Washington Gathering.

   We have been going to the Seattle Highland Games (off and on) since the mid-late 90's... Our first trip was with the kids in about 93-95, we tented on the North side in the field.  It was hot but we enjoyed ourselves a lot. 

 The music, the dancing, the games, the sights and sounds of it all was very thrilling.  My BH and I had lived in England in 1973-1976 and drove up to Scotland several times.  BH's grandfather had immigrated from Scotland and so the culture was vivid in our family.

   Last year, I took the Beast (1990 Ford Econoline Okanagan Conversion Van) and camped on the South Side... Loads of room.   This year, I decided to take Lillie and I don't regret it.  We set up camp, I brought a canopy that I knew I could set up by my self... The sounds of the games & music flooded the entire area.... AWESOME.
   Here's Lillie in her campspot setup...
   I got to meet up with my Outlander FaceBook group where they had a booth decorated and promoting Diana Gabaldon's Book & the Starz Series of Outlander.  We had just finished watching season 2 these past few months.  OFOWA group had large cutouts of Jamie & Claire and a nice table display.  They had a scavanger hunt each day and a prize basket for the winning drawing.  I donated two Outlander Charm bracelets that I had made for them.

   I had my "Little Piece of Heaven" in a campspot to go to when I needed a break from all the walking around and Highland Fun.  It was a totally Fun weekend.

Of Course.... I MUST have Flamingo & Flowers...
A Couple of Wicked Tinkers holding up the shade support. :)

The Outlandish Display Table... Loved it.
The Ladies of the Booth were friendly and fun to meet.  Our FB page creator Wendy, was there all day with her accomplices.  We gathered at 2:30ish for a group picture of FB members... there were over 32 members there and included in the group pic... several gals missed the photo-op, so I think we had a good representation of Outlander Fans.
Loved the Weekend... <3 Suzy

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


2 years later... A LOT has happened since 2014.  But most recently... Lillie and I went to the All American Vintage Trailer Rally in Brooks, Oregon... A FB Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailer group.   It was held at the Antique Powerland Museum.  There was also a Civil War Encampment in the field next to us, they had over 700 Re-enactors and hundreds of tents and set ups.  It was Awesome.
  The Rally was great... No real schedule, lots of trailers and vintage tow-vies.  
This rally was "no Pre-registration"... which was great.   Register when you arrive.  It was held from July 2-July 4th... come as early as the 1st & stay as late as the 5th... come for as many days as you wanted to.  I arrived Sat evening and set up... with electricity.
     I took a stroll through the Encampment after set up and enjoyed seeing the authentic set ups.  Their tents were Canvas and poles, they brought everthing they would need to camp for 4 days... bedding, tables, chairs... even wood burning camp stoves.  Both Armies were represented.  The enactors represented actual Companies and Regiments that fought in the war.  They marched, danced and fought several times a day.  It Was Amazing.

  The Rally was fun.. walking among the Vintage Trailers and meeting the people was great.  Bob and Jacyn were very gracious hosts and made me feel welcome.  I got loads of compliments on Lillie and my Ren Hat.   After viewing the other trailers and hearing about how much work was involved in restoring them I am very thankful that Lillie was in such great shape when I got her.  She only needed a few tweeks and a bit of updating.

  I drove home on Monday, crossing the Washington side of the Columbia River at Cascade Lockes over the Bridge of the Gods... Ate lunch (double balogna sandwich and chips) overlooking the river on Wa Side watching windsurfers on the water. 

 Drove to Stonehenge and through Goldendale and on home.

Until Next Time.... Happy Trails..... <3 Suzy

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

  Well... here it is... Spring again.  Time to get Lillie ready for this summer's Camping Trips-s-s-s-s.  I say that in plural because I'm definitely gonna do a LOT more camping this year than I did last year.
  The reason why is because I retired in Dec 2013 on a Friday... and on Saturday we were entries into our cities Lighted Farm Impliment Parade.   I and my companions were decked out in our pink scarves & gloves and gold jingle bells in hand and Lillie was decked out in lights and tinsel.
My Sis... My Mom... My BFF... & Me.

The Grinch was strolling the Ave and gave me a squeeze....
Our 3rd Place trophy for Antique Cars & Trucks Pre 1950.   Lillie is a I suppose they figured I qualified.   We had a lot of fun although by the end of the parade... our fingers were frozen.
 Lillie was then put up on the lawn and that's where she's been parked ever since.  My lawn mowing guy had to mow around her last weekend.   Today I finally hooked her up and pulled her off the lawn... I plan to give her insides a good cleaning and another stain/sealer on all the wood.  She is gonna even get some bling.
Suzy & Lillie

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Debut Glamping Trip for 2013...

Our first Glamping trip of 2013, we headed to Spokane, Washington for the Farm Chicks Antique show.  We camped at the Riverside State Park, Bowl and Pitcher campgrounds.   There were several other glampers there near the river....
We camped with Mom and her 1990 Ford moterhome...
Saturday was a beautiful day... got to watch the grandson T-ball practice and game.  Farm Chicks was fantastic as usual...  Sunday morning we got rained on early and it rained all day.  We skipped fixing breakfast and headed to I-Hop for pancakes.

Lillie has fresh new paint....
New Ivory Upper and Black J-Rail.
Her Name..... a whimsical saying.... and a fun in identification above the rear window.

The only thing missing is the traditional ALOHA decal above her front window.
Wait... I got that too.....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lillie got her new paint job.  Saturday evening & sunday morning I worked on taping her off.  Then I began the paint of Ivory with rollers & paint brush for detailing. 
She now has Ivory covering up the exposed aluminum and protecting her.
Next comes the taping off to paint the J-rail black.
Now... Ivory Paint.   J-rail Black.... Whoo Hoo... I'm liking her new look.
This is all for now on this posting.  I'll give her reveal next time.    :) Suzy

Saturday, April 20, 2013

ReNaming Lillie....

Re Naming????   I'm thinking of renaming my trailer.  I have found a website that makes customized lettering. or ore .  I've checked these out and they provide lot's of possibilities.  I want to make one or a couple for the trailer outside design.  One would be her name.... so I need to be happy with what her name will be. 
   The Moter Home... a 19' Ford Econoline Okanagan Conversion Van Camper... a mouthful.... has always been called "The Beast" by the kids.   I am not against the name... it's kinda grown on her and me as well.  So, I'm thinking of adding "Gypsie" to her.... "Gypsie Beast".  she may be due to a facelift as well.   I'm thinking another new Blog is in need of the Gypsie Beast's adventures.
:) Suzy